Studio A Equipment

Studio A is built around a ProTools HD3 Accel system with 48 channels of A/D/A via the Digidesign 192 converters, sync capabilities, and an array of digital and analog outboard gear.  The system is capable of recording and playback of material at sample rates up to 192kHz.  Also featured is a Gigastudio system, a Native Instruments Komplete 3 Kore system, and numerous synthesizers -- including an analog modular -- with a vast selection of sample libraries.  Other recording and playback equipment includes an Otari MTR-100A 2-inch 24 track tape machine with autolocator and remote and multiple DAT machines.

Studio A is also equipped to offer Digital Video recording, playback and editing, and thus can be used for Film/TV scoring projects.

Recording & Playback

Mac Pro Dual-Processor 3GHz, 4GB RAM, dual monitors, Digital Video
ProTools 7.4 software
ProTools HD3 Accel (high definition recording)
Digidesign 192 I/O units (5) expanded for 48 channels of 24-bit A/D/A, up to 192kHz rate
Dual 19" LCD video monitors
ProControl mixing console w/ 24 touch-sensitive faders (Main Unit + 2 FaderPack) + EditPack w/ surround-sound joysticks

Other Recording & Playback:

Otari MTR-100A 2-inch, 24 track w/Autolocator and Remote
Tascam DA-30 MKII DAT
Sony A7 DAT
Sony CDP-D11 CD player
Sony TC-WR645S cassette deck
CD Burner (SCSI) w/ MasterList CD, Toast, and Jam software

ProTools Plugins & Other Software:

Sony Oxford EQ
Sony Oxford Dynamics
Altiverb (with large library of impulse responses)
Bomb Factory Pultec Bundle
Bomb Factory Slightly Rude Compressor
Bomb Factory Voce Spin
Bomb Factory Voce Chorus/Vibrato
Bomb Factory Tel-Ray Variable Delay
Bomb Factory SansAmp PSA-1
Bomb Factory BF-3A
Bomb Factory Cosmonaut Voice
Bomb Factory JoeMeek SC2 Compressor
Bomb Factory JoeMeek VC5 Meequalizer
Bomb Factory Moogerfooger Low Pass Filter
Access Virus Indigo
A.I.R. Hybrid
TL Aggro
TL Drum Rehab
TL Every Phase
TL Space
TL Utilities
Native Instruments Komplete 3 bundle
Antares Kantos
Antares Autotune 3
Focusrite D2, D3
GRM Tools Classic Native Bundle
Drawmer Dynamics
D-Fi (Sci-Fi, Recti-Fi, Lo-Fi)
Waves Diamond Bundle

And more…

Analog Summing, Mic Pre’s, Dynamics & EQ

Chandler 16 channel analog summing
Avalon VT737sp Mic Pre/DI/Comp/EQ
Alan Smart C2 compressor
Cranesong Ibis EQ
Manley Massive Passive EQ
Focusrite Red 7 Mic Pre w/Dynamics (Comp/Lim/Exciter/De-ess)
Focusrite Red 1 Quad Mic Pre
Focusrite Red 3 stereo/dual mono Comp/Expander/Limiter
Focusrite Red 2 stereo/dual mono EQ
Old School Audio L3 Preamp w/ DI (2)
Old School Audio C Preamp w/ DI (2)
Purple Audio Sweet 10 API-style rack enclosure
ORAM Octasonic 8x Mic Pre’s
Groove Tubes MP1-s (Dual Mic Pre/DI)
Empirical Labs Distressors (2)
FMR RNC Compressor (2)
FMR RNLA Limiter (2)
RSP Saturator
Behringer Composer Comp/Lim/Exp/Gate, stereo/dual mono
Aphex Exciter w/ Big Bottom, dual mono
DBX 163X compressor

Effect Units & Pedals

Eventide DSP-4000
Alesis QuadraVerb 2
TC Electronic M-One
Yamaha SPX-900
Yamaha SPX-90
Yamaha FX-500
Alesis MidiVerb 4
Lexicon LXP-100
Digitech DSP256
Crybaby Wah pedal
Volume Pedal
Boss Bass Overdrive pedal
Route 66 Distortion and Compression pedal

Synths, Samplers, Keyboards, MIDI

E-Mu Morpheus
GigaStudio PC’s (2) w/ RME Hammerfall sound card
Drumkit From Hell Superior (huge drum sample library)
Waldorf Q
Korg T3EX
Air-powered organ
Technics digital piano
Schaefer & Sons organ
88-key (weighted) MIDI controllers (2)
MOTU Midi Timepiece AV (2) (USB and serial)


1x Royer R-122 Ribbon Mic
1x Neumann KM-184 Cardioid (condenser)
1x Neumann TLM-193 Cardioid (condenser)
1x Peluso 2247LE (tube condenser)
1x Peluso P12 (tube condenser)
2x Sennheiser MD421 (dynamic)
2x GrooveTubes MD-3 (original Model 3) Tube Cardioid/Omni (condenser)
2x Charter Oaks S600 (tube condenser, stereo matched pair)
1x Charter Oaks M900 (condenser, multiple pattern capsules)
2x Studio Projects C3 Cardioid/Omni/Figure8 (condenser)
2x Studio Projects T3 Cardioid/Omni/Figure8 (tube condenser)
2x Studio Projects TB-1 Cardioid (tube condenser)
2x Studio Projects B-1 Cardioid (condenser)
1x AKG D112 (dynamic)
2x AKG C451b (condenser) MATCHED PAIR
1x Shure SM-7 (dynamic)
3x Shure SM-57 (dynamic)
1x Shure Beta52 (dynamic)
1x AudioTechnica 4047 (FET condenser)
1x AudioTechnica 600D Cardioid (condenser)
1x E/V 308A (dynamic)
3x E/V 408A (dynamic)
2x E/V 257A N/D (dynamic)

Mixers, Amplification & Signal Distribution

Expanded ProControl mix desk (see ProTools section)
Mackie 24x8x2 w/ meter bridge
Behringer HA4700 4 (8) channel headphone distributor


KRK V88 w/ KRK S12 subwoofer – midfield monitors
Genelec 1030A (shielded)
Sony boombox (for confidence monitoring)


AKG K240 Studio phones (semi-open design)
AKG K270 Studio phones (closed design)
AudioTechnica ATH-M40fs (semi-open)
Ultrasone PRO 750 (closed back)

Guitar & Bass Amps, Speaker Cabinets

GrooveTubes Soul-o Single "Laptop" Head -- preamp and power tubes can be instantly changed without rebiasing for a wide range of valve-amp tones from high-gain Marshalls to AC-30 to Fender. We have a large selection of tubes to choose from.

ADA MP2 -- tube guitar preamp w/ comp, chorus, flanger, dist., cabinet emulation
Hartke HA4000 -- bass amp head
GK 15" bass speaker cabinet
ADA dual 12-inch Celestion guitar speaker cabinet
THD Power Attenuator (8 ohm)

Guitars & Basses

Gibson Les Paul Studio, with Earvana tuning system
Ibanez Guitar w/ Floyd Rose II
Martin D-1 acoustic guitar, with Earvana tuning system
Pedula R Bass
G&L L-1000 Bass

Drums, Percussion

Roland V-Drum (Expanded)
TrapKat MIDI controller
African hand drum
Various shakers, tambourines, slide-whistle, recorder, clavs, sleigh bells…

Wiring & Miscellaneous

Mogami, MonsterCable, Whirlwind and ProCo wiring
6x 48-point TRS Patchbays
Korg ToneWorks rack-mount digital tuners (2)
'Reamp' box
Whirlwind 4 channel passive direct boxes (2)
Ebtech Hum Eliminators (3)
150 ft. audio snake -- 16 XLR, 4 phones -- for recording elsewhere in the building


Mac Pro, Dual-Processor 3 GHz, 4 GB RAM
Pentium IV 3 GHz, 4GB Ram
Pentium III, 600 MHz, 1GB RAM
DSL Access


ProTools 7.4 for HD3 Accel system
TONS of ProTools Plugins (see ProTools section)
Drumkit From Hell Superior
Supercollider (programmable synthesis language)
Logic Audio
Native Instruments Komplete 3 bundle
Adaptec Toast Titanium & Jam
Digidesign MasterList CD
Adobe Premier
Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe Photoshop

and much more…

Media Storage & Backup

Tons of it…

Sample Libraries

Vienna Orchestral Performance Set (Giga)
Vienna Solo Strings (Giga)
Garritan Stravarius Solo Violin
Garrtan Gofriller Solo Cello
Garritan Orchestral (Giga)

Bosendorfer Piano (Giga)

GigaPiano (Giga)
GigaHarp (Giga)
Rhodes (Giga)
SAM Horns (Giga)
Sonic Implants Orchestral Strings (Giga)
Voices of The Apocalypse Choirs (Giga)
Scarbee Bass (Giga)
APR Solina (Giga)
X-Sample3 (Giga)
Quantum Leap Brass (Giga)
Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds (Giga)
Dan Dean Solo Brass (Giga)
Virtuoso Strings (Giga)
Miroslav Full Orchestra
Best Service Advanced Orchestra + Upgrade 97
Heart of Asia
Heart of Africa
Phantom Horns
Chronic Horns
Drumkit From Hell Superior
Tens of thousands of loops, hits, samples
... and much more